Thursday, 24 May 2012


mix media on canvas
36" x 48" 

artwork exhibited at Shah Alam Gallery, Selangor 
from July 14 - August 14 2012
for Open Show 2012 Exhibition.


Definition – Trance

1. a half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking, in which ability to function voluntarily may be suspended.
2. a dazed or bewildered condition.
3. a state of complete mental absorption or deep musing.
4. an unconscious, cataleptic, or hypnotic condition.
5. Spiritualism . a temporary state in which a medium, with suspension of personal consciousness, is controlled by an intelligence from without and used as a means of communication, as from the dead.

Description : 

Ibu Mertuaku (My Mother-in-Law) is a 1962 Malaysian film directed by and starring Malaysian silver-screen legend P. Ramlee. The film's story revolves around the tragic love affair between Kassim Selamat, a poor musician, and Sabariah, the only daughter of a wealthy woman. 

The movie is notable in that the opening act starts out as a light-hearted romantic comedy, but at the 30 minute mark turns into a dramatic tragedy. 

Like a number of P. Ramlee's works, the film criticizes the unofficial caste system that separates the wealthy from the poor. 

This film is considered a Malaysian classic, and is remembered for the song "Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti" and a famous eye-stabbing scene during the film's climax.

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Shelley Whiting said...

I love the contrast between the texture and the bright colors A very beautiful and amazing work.