Friday, 18 May 2012


acrylic on canvas
12" x 24" 

artwork exhibited at Galeri Kata, Publika, Solaris,Kuala Lumpur 
from Jun 14 - July 14 2012
for Kata Mengata with Sani Kopratasa Exhibition.


Wings of Butterfly

I have these wings
Here affixed upon my back
And yet try hard as one might
Still, they remain immobile. 

But then, I found you, 
My dearest butterfly…

And words cannot explain 
How my wings flutter in excitement- 
Without you, I am inert:
Motionless, still…lifeless…

So I wonder…
And I fear, 

What if my colours are too dreary
these shades of monotone hues
that have rejected so many others?

And why, I can’t help but think,
Were your vivid eyes drawn 
to these over-thrashed wings?

Created in pain,
a tear falls down her cheek... 
He catches it and whispers…
‘Because, my dearest butterfly…
I love such wings…’

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