Wednesday, 13 July 2011


mix media on canvas
48" x 36"

artwork submitted for Shah Alam Open Show 2011
and was picked among the 90 chosen art pieces
from the 141 submitted art pieces
to exhibit at Shah Alam Gallery from July 11 - August 26, 2011.


"He That Believeth Shall Not Make Haste“

The aloes grow upon the sand,
The aloes thirst with parching heat;
Year after year they waiting stand,
Lonely and calm, and front the beat
Of desert winds; and still a sweet
And subtle voice thrills all their veins:
"Great patience wins; it still remains,
After a century of pains,
To you to bloom and be complete."

I grow upon a thorny waste;
Hot noontide lies on all the way,
And with its scorching breath makes haste
Each freshening dawn to burn and slay,
Yet patiently I bide and stay:
Knowing the secret of my fate,
The hour of bloom, dear God, I wait,
Come when it will, or soon or late,
A hundred years are but a day.


Majid Yahya said...

“Fai has a unique combination of creativity, strong work ethic, and management skills. She is like a cat lovable by everyone.”

Majid Yahya said...

I love all yr work Fai