Tuesday, 15 May 2012


acrylic and ink on canvas
14" x 18" 

artwork exhibited at Galeri Kata, Publika, Solaris,Kuala Lumpur 
from Jun 14 - July 14 2012
for Kata Mengata with Sani Kopratasa Exhibition.


Madness of Love

I fear I have little strength 
to open my eyes to a new day.
I'll wake without you there
...such an occurrence 
which pains be
beyond belief.

I fear the week to come, 
knowing I'll have 
no contact with you.
Each day seems like 
a petty excuse in my life,
just a waiting-time
until I see you.

I can't explain this fear I have
of living this life without you;
I fear these thoughts in my head
that I'm unable to comprehend.

I can't put it into words, 
I can't put it into thoughts... 
I'm unable to voice it-- 
though it's so CLEAR to me.

None can understand.
None can understand, 

if I am unable to tell them what they must understand.
Perhaps love does make a person crazy..
...for this hidden fear which surfaces, 
of being without you...
...oh how I miss you...
sends me into a madness beyond all cure.

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