Wednesday, 6 October 2010


mix media on canvas
oval 16” W x 20” H

artwork submitted for Art Exhibition - Himpun 2010
to exhibit on 16-30th October 2010
at Peti Seni, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.


This technique, the texture and the colour combination somehow really caught everyone's attention. I've sold the first piece in this series in 2009 and this year, I sold another piece during a Exclusive High Tea event in The Royal Bintang Plaza. Honestly, I loves doing this artwork too. It's simple but not as simple as everyone thought.

I can finish this piece real fast if I'm in a very relax mood. Not in the hurry as it will take lots of time to wait for the wax to melt and drip... Sometimes, when I have too much on my mind - this is a very good relaxing session for me. While waiting for the wax to drip, I can really put my thought on the matters that I have to handle. And oh yes! it's a good sauna session too! Hahhahahah. As you can't on any fan or air-condition to do this. Somehow, it's hard. So yes, lets burn some fat by dripping the wax on those canvases! *wink*

Oh ya, it's the new size of canvas You like it? I do!!! This piece is about me imagining looking in the mirror and this is the reflection I saw... The good, the bad, the thick and thin through life!


D.D said...

Your works always mesmerize me.

Fai Zakaria said...

Thanks D.D! *blush*