Artist Statement

Being an artist is a life force, not a career choice. What I enjoy most when painting is to be connected and linked with the painting. The color combinations, composition, equilibrium and the techniques implemented. It serves to express with freedom feelings that came to my heart… 

I use color, line, texture as a poet employs words to convey a particular emotion or idea. As in poetry, the images are meant to resonate, being both themselves and something they may suggest to the viewer. The works transcend the impersonal objectivity of geometric abstraction through the sensuousness of materials with which they are constructed, revealing a blend of reason and passion which reflects my nature. 

When I paint, I dip my brush in my soul. I magnify feelings to paint soul and karma. Make a copy of my past, a copy of me. As I always painting in the dark, with minimal lights from candles and down lights as to surprise myself with the different effect under the florescent and daylight – I watch the colors of its aura, the darkroom of my dreams... Forms, lines sprout, color harmonies and dripping wax showing in visual terms these feelings, sometimes a very silent feeling, and abstraction with rhythmic movement. My work is just an experimental and therapy art - expressions abstract, gestural or minimalist. 

I present the world artistically as I see it, as I wish to see it, and occasionally as I once saw it. You see, it is my identity. Without this expression of self, I am nothing. Through my art I give love.

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