Saturday, 24 October 2009



acrylic on canvas
36" x 48"

artwork submitted for

Open Art Exhibition Pesta Pulau Pinang 2009
and was picked among the 69 chosen art pieces
from the 154 submitted art pieces
Theme "Muzik Menerusi Spektrum Seni"
to exhibit at Penang State Art Gallery.


And this one inspired by one of the song in this movie – Ode to Joy, 9th Symphony. And yes, the letter from Ludwig Van Beethoven to his Immortal Beloved.

My angel, my all, my other half…
Just a few words today, and that in pencil… Yours.

Only tomorrow will I know for certain where I am to stay.
A worthless waste of time and such.

Why is deep sorrow?
If we could be united, we would feel this pain no longer.
Where I am, you are with me too.
Soon we shall live together and what a life it will be.

The journey was dreadful.
I did not arrive here until 4 in the morning.
At the last stop,
they warned me against traveling at night
and tried to frighten me about a forest
but that only tempted me.

The coach had to go and break down
on such terrible road for no reason.
Just a country road…
And now I am held up completely
but I have found another.
And we will surely see one another soon.

Today, I hope.
I have to see you.
How ever much you love me, I love you more.
Never hide yourself from me.

While still in my bed, my thoughts turns to you.
My immortal beloved.
Some of them happy… Some sad.
Waiting to see whether fate will hear us.
I can live completely with you or not at all.
Yes, it must be.

I must go to sleep now.
Be calm, Love.

Today, yesterday, what longing with tears for you.
You, you’re my life.
My everything.

Farewell then, go on loving me.
Ever yours,
Ever mine,

Friday, 23 October 2009



acrylic on canvas
40" x 50"
artwork submitted for

Pertandingan Senilukis Terbuka Pulau Pinang 2009
Theme "Muzik Menerusi Spektrum Seni"
to exhibit at Balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang.


I’ve read an entry regarding the art competition by Balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang in one of blog that I followed. Was so eager to join but I have not been painting for quite a while now. It’s been almost 3 months! And the theme for this competition is Music. I think that is not too difficult cuz I love music and most of my artworks inspired by songs.

Tadaa!!! This piece was inspired by the movie that I watched recently with my dear friend at home, its called Immortal Beloved. I’ve watched this movie for hundreds of time, I think. I love Beethoven’s music and yes, the choice of words in this movie. It’s beautiful. Well, I might be bias as I am known as a hopeless romantic person *blush*

Music is a dreadful thing…
What is it? I don’t understand.

What does it do?
It exalts the soul…

Utter nonsense.
If you hear a marching band,
is your soul exalter?
No, you march!
If you hear a waltz, you dance.
If you hear a mass, you take communion.

It is the power of music.
To carry one,
directly into the mental state of the composer.
The listener had no choice.
It is like hypnotism!