After a stint with an international company that designs high-end boutique resorts around the world, Fai Zakaria set a goal to venture on her own, doing what she is good at and passionate about. She had set her mind, stayed focus, work on it and has never look back since then.

Graduated from Saito Academy with an Excellent Award in Interior Design in 1997, A. Fairuzza Zakaria or Fai Zakaria, as she is fondly known among clients and the industry, has a sharp eye for classy designs, but her strength is being able to resource for quality yet affordable materials to give homes a zest of beauty that harmonizes with love and warmth.

Fai Zakaria gained vast experiences with previous establishments namely Sunrise Berhad as a Project Designer, Janesis Collection (Jalex) as Interior Stylist, Laura Ashley as a Home Design Consultant and Denniston International as an Interior Designer, specialising in soft furnishings and material finishes. Her true talent would be her selection and mixture of colours. Fai has been designing beautiful, comfortable homes from all walks of life for more than ten years.

Fai Zakaria also does abstract paintings. The self-taught artist began experimenting with oils and acrylic about six years ago. To-date, the 35 year-old Interior Designer by profession has painted over 700 pieces that she says described as her emotions through several turmoil and also happy moments in her life.

Born on Christmas Day, 1977, the eldest child of three siblings, has always been interested in art. Fai’s pieces shows that she is passionate about her work. Her pieces describe hers feelings at that particular moment. They are metaphorical and essence. There is no specific object. They are more towards colors combinations and movement of the knife or strokes of the brush. Every stroke, every line, every colour used says a story by itself.

Relatively new to painting, though Fai has always been artistic since her schooling days, this petite Malacca-born artist is ambitious, intelligent, kind, passionate, fun, gentle, a woman with integrity, great sense of humor and honesty. She loves to laugh and love to make people laugh.

Fai’s pieces is best described as interesting with an unique personal touch. Her strokes can be translated as an inventor of words and a creator of ideas. Though Fai Zakaria is relatively new to the art industry, yet some of her pieces have already found homes locally and abroad. She has recently build up enough courage and confident to participate in art competitions.

To date, over 300 pieces of her artwork have found homes among art collectors locally and overseas. Mainly sold through her Facebook and webportal

Fai Zakaria’s work and her presence, is warmly welcomed. One brilliant enough should be investing in her pieces, while they are still affordable.

~ Jassmine Shadiqe
New Straits Times ~