Thursday, 18 November 2010



mix media on canvas
18” x 24” x 3pcs


Mengembara kecewa membawa rintihan rasa semalam
Matahari harapan berlabuh di banjaran mimpi semasa
Beralun rumput nan panjang di bukit tanpa pohonan
Mengalir nanah di kali, mengeruh banjir tengkujuh

Apakan ertinya itu bagai putus cinta
Nyatakan biarku membantu memikul bebanmu
Langkahmu baru bermula mengapa nafsu meronta
Pandanglah batu di jalan, berhati bila melangkah

Engkau pun tahu
Aku pun tahu
Beginilah kita
Ikut rasa binasa

Monday, 15 November 2010



mix media on canvas
36" x 36"

RM2,400 SOLD to Mr. Johan Mohd Dali,
Geneva, Switzerland.


Waktu pintumu ku buka setengah
gemersik menikam mengalun suara
ku tinjau sejenak untuk periksa
bergema di Lembah Inderaloka

Suaramu membisik merdu di kalbu

Kubuka sepenuh pintu dayamu
dan melangkah masuk kedalam taman mu
aku tak pasti apa akan berlaku
kalau aku ditangkap pengawalmu

Mungkin aku akan terkorban
...dalam merinduimu

Tapi kenapa kau hadir saja
dalam setiap mimpi-mimpiku
dan meninggalkan kunci dan peta
kalau aku kau tak ingini

Kasih, siapa aku di sisimu
kini ku berada dalam taman mu
tiada aku takut akan kematian
kerana hidup dan mati sama untukku
telah kulalui, berulang kali

Keindahan taman mu tiada bermakna
jika wajahmu tidak kutemui
biar ku terlantar dimamah waktu
aku tetap akan menunggumu

Kasih, siapa aku di sisimu
ku pakukan kakiku ke tanahmu
biar berdarah menjadi sungai
agar tak bisa dicabut oleh sesiapa
yang mahu menghalau ku keluar...!

Sunday, 14 November 2010



mix on canvas
30” x 40”


With an additional of last layer of gold. This piece is done few days ago till I saw the status of the blog's owner wanted to go for her check up the next day - worrying... I know from what I've read - she's one of the survivor cancer patient. And tonight, my prayers goes to her for tomorrow and the day after and forever. Amin. The gold represent brighter day, hopes, joy, cheerful and prosperous to her. Insya-Allah.

Compare to other piece in Stupefy series, this has a different colours. Usually I will have Blue & Red wax for the dripping part. Gold has always be the base and the top finish. White or Black for the base wax. And yes, it's always about 'The Good & The Bad'. I wanted to do the same colour [ err, instead of blue and red - Green & Red ] but on bigger canvas until I received a message on my FB from Pumkinmummy Cupcakes on their new promotion. And their latest profile pix, really caught my attention. Not only they look slurpy and yummy but it gave me an inspiration to use a new colour but the same technique for my artwork.

And I've decided to use my new wax collection. Which have more choice of colours and of course smell. The brown that I used have pastry smell. For 2 days my whole house especially the living room smells like I've been baking the whole day. *nice!* So, enjoy! This piece is about to have or not to have all this sinful stuff. Err - I means sweet, sugar, chocolates and flour. Of course you can have them but not like me, always in big huge intake! *yeah*

* Psssttt... Check out Pumkinmummy's album. I think most of cupcakes photos I've seen are nice or interesting but this one - they're different, they look yummy and makes you drool!!! *wink* My special thanks to Ms Suliana Dzulkifli, keep up the good work Babe & will definitely grab few box of your cuppies one day. *insya-Allah*

Tuesday, 9 November 2010



mix media on canvas
24" x 36"

artwork submitted for Pelita Hati Open Show 2010
to exhibit at Pelita Hati Gallery of Art Bangsar.


Originally, this piece comes in 3 pcs. It's called Serenity IV but due to the rest of them had fall from my bedroom wall... And only this piece survived. I decided to repaint the rest and leave this one out and of course, let it go at the very best price!

So, first come first serve basis - the first one - Serenity V - the only piece that survived during that fall... I'm letting this go at RM500 only! It's a very fragile artwork I must warn you. The sand used for this piece won't stay at where it should be if drop. So, handle with care!

And as for this... I've added some more sand to closed the part that has broken and patch another layer with more leaf. The top part, of course - my signature - the wax work. I wants it to have the water/wave effect. Looking forward to edit the 3rd piece. Soon...

Monday, 1 November 2010



mix media on canvas
8" x 8" x 2pcs

6 Nov - 6 Dec 2010 exhibited at Pahang Art Museum.
Art Under 500 Exhibition - Mixed Bag of Artist with Mad mixed of Arts.


And I have loved
And I have served
And I have sinned
But I have learned
As long as you are true to the life
That you live
This is the time to feel love

I feel a stirring deep within
Slowly picking up momentum
Like the tide coming in to shore
Over and under in its course

This feeling emblazed inside
Every nerve like a firefly
Hovering above me
Glow, Glow,
Glowing divine

I never want to lose what I have finally found
There's a requiem
A new congregation
And it's telling me go forward and walk
Under a brighter sky
Every nerve glowing like a firefly

Glow, Glow, Divine
Every nerve like a firefly, glowing
Every nerve like a firefly, glow