Sunday, 31 October 2010


mix media on canvas
16" x 39" x 2pcs

artwork submitted for Open Art Exhibition Pesta Pulau Pinang 2009
Theme "A Sense of Flavors"
to exhibit at Penang State Art Gallery.


Food for Thought... the colours.

For me, Penang is a food paradise, among others. I love Penang food, its essences and aroma, thus the birth of Essence I. The background with curves represents the pipping steaming hot delicious dishes available in Penang. It is also represents the various mouth-watering gravies.

The Silver and Gold, represent the rich history Penang is blessed with, including the dishes available that are from various cultures and ethnicity. The spices pasted on the piece is an authenticity of Penang herself. The history of spice is almost as old as human civilization.

It is a history of lands discovered, empires built and brought down, wars won and lost, treaties signed and flouted, flavours sought and offered, and the rise and fall of different religious practices and beliefs. Spices were among the most valuable items of trade in ancient and medieval time and Penang herself has the most interesting story to tell. There is no single sense that defines flavour - although we perceive the flavour of food in our mouths, it is our brains that determine flavour.

My brains (or mind) translates the colour red as a stimulant. Red is the hottest of the warm colours. So in Essence I, I used Red, Orange and Yellow. Yellow is a colour that gets attention and is overpowering. While Orange is vibrant and is also known as an appetite stimulant. The combination of red and yellow and orange used in Essence I, denotes energy, warmth, and the sun- exactly how all the delicious food and its aroma in Penang stimulates me.

While in Essence II, I used Green, Brown and Yellow.

All the colours used is my way of describing Penang Island that is also known as the Pearl of the Orient and heaven for food lovers, who come from all over the world. Penang's cuisine reflects the Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnic mix of Malaysia!

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