Saturday, 2 October 2010


paint markers on canvas
dia.12" x 3pcs

artwork submitted for Art Exhibition - Himpun 2010
to exhibit on 16-30th October 2010
at Peti Seni, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.


My new client told me that she find my art very dark but her husband, who I know for many years now said he loves my artwork cuz he can relate to it. Yeah, unlike now - he's not happy before. Now, he's the luckiest and the most happy man on earth! Her exact word was 'Melancholic'. And most people I know said my art very dark! Hmmm, I don't deny that cuz that is the excellent time to paint. As painting is my outlet to express my feelings. But lately, I don't paint much as I'm in a very calm and happy situation. Plus busy running around meeting datelines and delivering all my ID job and art competition. Alhamdulillah. I'm a happy girl now...

I bought few round canvases that I saw in the art shop the other day. No idea what to paint or how to paint yet but I know, I'm going to produce some artwork for below RM300 series for few coming occasion. I even bought myself lots of art paint marker to play with. While toying with some ideas, sketching and scribbling... I got an idea!

This piece was inspired by the big giant round LollyPop Candy that I saw in my fridge. A birthday present from Evy & Fairy for last 2 years! *Ahakz* Yes, I still don't have heart to eat them yet. Plus it's a nice deco for my internal fridge shelves! So, maybe it's going to be out from my fridge soon and before I do that - let's try my new Paint Markers on my new shape round canvases!

I'm high on happiness,
From full dosage of love,
May this feelings,
Remains forever.

My Candy Eyes,
Thank you for everything...

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