Monday, 22 February 2010


mix media on canvas
12" x 18" x 3 pcs -

but going for auction, starting price at RM300!

RM666.00 February 2010 SOLD to Engku Zai,
Seri Kembangan, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia.
RM 334 has been top up by Ms Noorliza Ali Rasah to make it worth RM1,000

I've first learned about this word was when I was watching a movie back in 2007 called Serendipity. It is a 2001 romantic comedy, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Then it gave me some inspiration to do Serendipity I and it was on a Valentine's Day itself.

These year, while everyone was busy thinking, discussing, planning or getting what to gives to their significant other the best gift or surprises; me on the other hand busy with my CNY & Valentine's gift baskets - I thought of paint something on this occasion... Not getting any idea but thought of developing some idea base on Serendipity I.

I've been meaning to do this piece as a theme as yearly event since last year but nothing came up until I saw a videoclip post by Mr Ajek Hassan on his wife's wall on Facebook. Its a cover version of a song called Seluruh Jiwaku Pergi by Anang. His voices really touches my heart. Somehow that song reflected what I felt at that very moment... My current status on relationship, my experiences, my ups & downs. Well, too much to share it here but yes! This pieces is now done. Alhamdulillah.

I must say - this pieces, the song, the melody had a story itself. The meaning of love, hurt, lies, betrayal, laugh, tears and the beauty of the relationship itself. Again, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and everyone have their opinion on what they see or feel when you see this. So, here you go.

Zillion thanks to Mr Ajek Hassan & Ms Ida for such an inspiration. And yes, click here to enjoy his voice and clip.

Separuh Jiwaku Pergi
Memang Indah Semua
Tapi Berakhir Luka

Kau main hati
Dengan sadar mu
Kau tinggal aku

Benar ku Mencintaimu
Tapi Tak Begini
Kau Khianati Hati Ini
Kau Curangi Aku

Kau Bilang Tak Pernah Bahagia
Selama Dengan Aku
Itu Ucap Bibirmu

Kau Dustakan Semua
Yang Kita Bina
Kau Hancurkan Semua

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