Tuesday, 31 January 2012


mix media on canvas
50" x 50"

artwork exhibited at Rampo Haus, Skudai, Johor Baharu 
from February 18 - March 18, 2012
for Wujud Exhibition.


Hidden Memories

I packed you away 
In a little cardboard box
Hidden under my bed 
And you fit most perfectly
Just that way… Hidden from view.

…Yet always silently there…

I hid you-
You and your smiles,
Your gifts, and memories…
Everything about you.
Because I couldn’t take it…
I couldn’t take you anymore.
It hurt too much
So stay hidden In your cardboard box,
And perhaps you’ll fade…

Why kid myself?
I know you’re there…
I can feel your contents drawing me in
Drawing me closer to you.
But some memories haunt me-
Memories of you… Of ‘us’.

You rattle in your confined space
Singing in the night,
Pleading to me as I dream
To open you up, and look inside…
But I can’t do that… I won’t…
And slowly your song fades…
For there are other songs…
Other singers

Those who dream with me.

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