Thursday, 6 November 2008


acrylic on canvas
15" x 30"

Nov 2009 artwork submitted for Art for Aids (AFA)
Theme "Fighting Aids with Art"

July 2010 Knock Down Price
RM299 SOLD to Ms Syah Abu Yazam,
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


Every time I had my mind set onto something, His test arrived and I failed to get through those. Sometimes, I wonder… Will I ever be successful? Will I ever be rich? Sigh… I don’t know and really have no idea about this. Deep in my heart I know, one day I will get and be somewhere ‘up’ there but then again, I heard voices that say I will just be like this forever. Aaggghhhhhh!!!

I don’t think I’m lazy but I know I can be if I want to. I think I’m very ambitious, have a lot of ideas, some might work but some is just a plain silly trick to put a smile on my own face. I’m so blessed that I am creative, in many way. I can diversify and be something that I never really imagine doing it! And I’m stating the obvious here that I am beautiful, smart, funny, creative and multi-talented like everybody told me. Not one, two or three person had said that but many! Almost every person that I’ve met.

I don’t do this often, I mean boasting about myself, as I’m pretty down-to-earth kind of person. I mean when it comes to me I rather people find out themselves. Maybe due to low self esteem, lack of self confident and being insecure after the big hit and I have fallen pretty bad this time.

OK! Let’s get back to what I’m trying to say today. About my career, goals and achievement. I know specifically what I want in my life, not too specific but in every details and angle. Is good or bad? I don’t know. Some might say its good cuz you know what are you aiming for and some might say its bad cuz you might close or slip other opportunity that comes to you along the way. To me it depends…

Lemme share the story about me, my career, my so-called “best-friend” and my life. Read more here.


Sadd said...

hai fai...
sori lah pasal semalam, I tak call balek... penat giler...
glad to see dat you're back, welcome back little shower from heaven...

Wow.....another PIECES... been looking at tis since morning,

"Semalam adalah sebuah memori duka dan gembira ....
Akan menjadi satu pedoman buat kita di hadapan ...
Dikau memilih haluan mu dan begitu juga aku ....
Dinding mula dibina dalam perjalanan masing2 .....
Ini membuat kita terlupa siapa disebelah kita dahulu....
Akan tetapi dengan kekuasaan "nya" kita akan diketemukan ....
Hanya masa akan menentukan segala-gala nya"

catch you lain kali k.... rushing to hospital now nak ziarah pesakit cancer.

Porcelain Doll said...

Hi Sadd,
thanks for calling last night. it was a sweet conversation we had after my last visit to JB.

and good to know that you're back here too! i mean at my page =)

well, will buzz you once i'm going to Singapore. maybe on my birthday? lets celebrate it there, you game? heheheeeeeee...

Anonymous said...

me.....always game for anything

buzz me wen u decide to come over or even if u'r in jb..

Gritz said...

hi little shower from heaven ......

"lovers again"

I got pictures of you in funny poses
Letters from you with pressed yellow roses
I've got souvenirs of fun times together
And I'll cherish those years and you can bet on forever

I know we'll be lovers again, darling
I know we'll be lovers again
It's a matter of time
Till you see that I'm
The one in the end, I was you friend
Lovers again

I got pictures of you with stolen kisses
We looked so young and so full of promise
And we had those dreams
But they're not forgotten
Cause I'll build that house with the yellow rose garden

There's a picture of you in yesterday's paper
With that smile I knew and the new name you've taken
And I'll live each day without being bitter
Cause we worked that way
And I know It's not over

Porcelain Doll said...

my trip postponed to this coming weekend. will be in Singapore from Friday to Monday then i might be staying over with Bebear for few days. Will buzz you again and confirm it =)

Porcelain Doll said...


i love it when you call or refer me as your "little shower from heaven".

Don't know why and what's the meaning [even you ahve explained to me like 1000 times but hehhehee..

i'm just blur or may be pretending blur? *wink*

gritz said...

you did!! wow!! hehehe

buzz me wen u'hv decided..k

ciao bella..

gritz said...

for you ...

little shower from heaven

for tis piece tis is what I see:}

" One-Sided Love Affair "
I just don't know what to do
Everybody's heard about me and you
Because the talk's out on the street
And the word is that you don't come cheap
I thought it was a rumour
It turned out that I was wrong
You're such an inspiration
Another night, another song

I just don't know what to say
Cause nothin' ever made me feel this way
I gotta tell you now what's my mind
I've been hurtin' for a long, long time
Tell me it's not true
Tell me it's a lie
Tell me everything I want to hear
Cause this time it's do or die

Anyone can see that you don't care
It's a one-sided love affair
Anyone can see that it's not right
What you're doing to me every night, No!

Porcelain Doll said...

hmmmm... very deep.