Wednesday, 13 July 2005


oil paint on canvas
27” x 20”

Oct 2007 - RM 1,800 SOLD
to Ms Saddiah Hussain, Singapore


sleepless night again
in one of the darkest room
stuffed with sadness, regrets, pain and anger
feelings miserable, melancholy
… and helpless

absence is unfair
nothing can ever replace what I miss
its certainty deceiving
cause love has fooled me
… once again

she hurt me till I’m bleeding
she locked me away
and she said goodbye
… and fly away

oh well!
there’s a light at the end of the tunnel
… I heard

so I …
set my heart stone cold
wake up, get back in control
get a grip and begin the trip.


Anonymous said...

ciao bella..
tis is wat i read from PIECES
- some scars and bruises can be seen but those that are deep within are the same scars living forever beneath one's heart and skin

for always..

Fai Zakaria said...

Hello Sadd...

Thank you for dropping by and leaves some comments. Well said for this piece. Again, it's an abstract piece and you're entitle to express it!

to me, this piece means a lot to me. it is about pieces of everything! the light, the blood and the broken heart.

so, have you decided which piece you wanna take home? hehheheee...
till we meet again, take care.

gritz said...

ciao bella...

am torn between 2 lovers...
'Serenity or Pieces'

given a choice would luv to have both + bonus…hehehe

c u wen i c u.. take care

for always...

Fai Zakaria said...

well gritz,
take both then and i'll print and frame 'bonus' for you. heheheeee...
till then, take care.

gritz said...

ciao bella..

let me get my hands in2 them & c wat vybes came out frm it..

for 'bonus' i rather own, nature & bring back home.. but not in a frame tho.. hahahah

c u wen i c you... for always

Fai Zakaria said...

well said Grits...

for you to own, nuture and bring home 'bonus' and not in a frame, lots of work to do to have that opportunity!

take care =)